1. Who We Are
    A group of passionate technicians with 50 years of excellence in the development of high performance compounds applied to a wide variety of high demanding applications in fields like automotive, heavy mechanics, medical, appliances, etc.
  2. Our Vision
    Techra’s vision is to be a leading brand with excellent innovation skills, offering unique and useful features to distinctive musicians.
  3. Our Mission
    Techra’s mission is to offer musicians new expression opportunities using innovative materials and concepts.



Once upon a time I dreamed of being a drummer… but our band needed a bass player so I had to set my dream aside.

For many years I lived with this latent desire, until the day I decided to be the long hand of as many drummers as possible all over the world. How? I sat down in front of a drum set and I asked myself what more I could offer drummers than the usual old wooden drumsticks. Immediately I realized that the technological heritage of my family was exactly what I needed. We produce the most outstanding mechanical components for demanding industrial fields like aerospace, avionics, automotive, etc., using the know-how, technology and hands of our staff. I asked myself: “Why not take advantage of this for all drummers?!”



We want to make drummers happy. Happy about what they hold in their hands, how they can be inspired from the sound of our drumsticks, the power of our efforts and the influence of our passion.

From this passion Techra was born.



Drummers have always appreciated the optimum rate between stiffness and weight that wood offers. No other material can naturally offer that. To be fast and effective, drummers have always needed something light, to keep them from getting tired, and stiff to get the right sensibility on toms and cymbals.

Techra has developed and tested many different synthetic compounds and tuned some specific composites, not trying to replicate wood, but just looking for a way to offer drummers a more open vision to playing drums, a way to find new inspiration.

Drummers demand from their sticks not only great sound, but also durability, reliability, easier handling, fast playing, agility and sound volume.



With this in mind Techra is now able to offer 6 different lines of drumsticks to give each drummer the opportunity to discover a real, consistent and wide field for his expression.