14 Apr

Protect your wrists

Should you read this?

wrists-damage-drummerDo you care about you healt of your wrists? If you do not, you can delete this email. If you do, you can learn something by reading this post.

Everyone knows that before an exercise you should warm up. If you don’t do it, you can hurt yourself.

You can use your gears to prepare yourself, but if you get tired before the real performance, you should EVOLVE your warm up.
Techra create a special drumsticks, called E-Rhythm, that have rubber tips, chemically bonded to the stick using CHEMBOND (a patented proprietary process). With this tecnology, your wrists will recieve less stress, and you will be less tired at the end of the warm up.

Keep your wrists safe, try them!

If you have some question, do not esitate to contact me. I will personally reply to you.
Filippo, Techra Marketing Office